Luma is a short 16mm film by Ashley George. I helped on set as assistant director and art director.

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Luma is an intimate, silent experimental film that captures a woman’s journey towards resurrection and renewal. Egyptian symbolism and ritual history illuminate a foundation for Luma to explore her capability of personal independence. Vivid artistic direction, juxtaposition and themes of self-fulfillment will be explored as Luma moves towards completion through mind and the art of surrealism.

Instead of looking in towards herself, Luma’s been waiting for someone or something to fill a void. When her lover abandons her underwater she’s left alone and confused, anxiously waiting for someone to save her from her loneliness and boredom. What she doesn’t know is that that someone or something is more attainable than she’s ever imagined.

Luma is an eccentric woman and lucid dreamer. Having difficulty with separating reality from fantasy, she’s hard to grasp but the kind of person that you can’t take your mind, or eyes, off of. She’s got that something mysterious about her that’s endearing and ultimately, insanely attractive. Luma is interested in life’s vast possibilities. This makes her an avid observer and risk taker, constantly watching what comes her way so that she doesn’t miss something wonderful.

In reality, she’s not the kind of person that would have a job or live a normal life with family, a dog and white picket fence. She’s a loner. She’s one of those quirky, artistic and larger-than-life personalities that can never really nail down a solid structure or routine in life."