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a piano that makes cocktails, conceived and constructed by Florica Vlad and Oscar Torres, 2009

The Pianocktail is a piano that mixes drinks based on the combination of keys played. Each key corresponds to a different spirit or liquor and cocktails are produced appropriate to the mood of the song played, so that the concerto can be internalized and the music can be drank in addition to being heard. It is an absurd creation, an object originally imagined by Boris Vian in his novel “L’ecume des Jours”.

The Pianocktail is fabricated from a grand upright piano, which has been deconstructed so that a sensor resides below each key, 88 in total. Each piano key is mapped into a circuit. An Arduino micro-controller analyzes the data of key presses and via an algorithm, specific combinations of keys trigger a release of alcohol, juice or garnish into a glass. Combinations of keys produce specific cocktails, regardless of the length of the piece played. The mixing is possible by keeping cocktail proportions: two ounces of base liquor and two shots of mixers for the body and the perfume. The resulting cocktails are unpredictable and unusual and are in accordance to the mood of the song played and the whole experience is synesthesia, allowing one to wholly taste the music one produces.

The Pianocktail was constructed in the Fall of 2008 at the Interactive Telecommunications program. It was played at a performance at EXIT ART for the New Interfaces in Musical Expression Show (NIME). It was made available to the public at the ITP WINTER SHOW.

To lease the Pinaocktail contact florica [at] gmail.com or oscar [at] blubee.com