a solar powered sound system by Nick Hasty, Justin Downs and Florica Vlad, 2008

The Sola-System is a solar powered amplifier system designed for use with portable electronics like ipods in outdoor spaces. The large solar panel in the center of the device produces up to 17 volts, 1 amp of electricity when in sunlight, which is enough to drive it’s 14 watt stereo amplifier to room-filling volumes. It’s designed so that the panel is hinged on the adjacent speakers, allowing the panel to rotate forwards and backwards while following the sun’s course through the sky without sacrificing the directionality of the sound. The sola-system is 100% sustainable, deriving all it’s power from the sun and requiring no external power sources. A recent update to the Sola-System included adding a charger for iPods, so users can charge their mp3 player via solar energy while listening to their music outside.
The Sola-System is a flexible, sustainable replacement for traditional outdoor use sound systems. Its simple design for easy travel, and its unique angling system allows you to harness the sun’s rays from any position. Inspired by dub reggae and how the old Kingston dub DJ’s would build huge soundsystems for outdoor parties,this miniature amplifier system is updated into a simple, portable, solar powered device.